8 Nov VDV recommendations are not binding on the. VDV member companies or third parties, but they are widely accepted as»the state of the art«. 6 Dec Source, Verordnung über den Bau und Betrieb der Straßenbahnen (BOStrab), Anlage 4. Author, Michael Kümmling, based on BOStrab. 20 Nov Source, Verordnung über den Bau und Betrieb der Straßenbahnen (BOStrab), Anlage 4. Author, Michael Kümmling, based on BOStrab.

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Heavy Rail Metro System i. A small example of the BOStrab application Interesting Features of BOStrab In German metro system, regarding to the scale of the area, operation and operating could be combined as one department.

bostrab – Italian translation – Linguee

What does BOStrab talk about? Only some plus and minus on the existing reference car gauge is needed.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. But for detailed specification or EMU, it will not be applicable.

So is the KE. Huge Amount of Parameters considered Simple Resulting from the reference calculation car, the calculation of car gauge is extremely simple. This presentation shows a solution for those who are not frightened of a little Actionscripting.


Houston, we have a problem! Present to your audience. Safety, People, Property, Procedure and legislation.

It is issued by International Union of Railways It is a specified regulation not standard for gauge of metro. It uses a reference car to calculate botsrab car gauge, it has a standarlized construction gauge, and the KE is just determined by a range between these two profile.

For UIC Series, it might be the best choice among these three standards or regulation. As defined by Scot-Rail, kinematic envelope refers to the space that a rail vehicle could potentially occupy as it moves laterally and vertically on its suspension.

Detailed and resonable calculation, long history proved as well as accessible parameter bostrqb calculation. BOStrab is a German abbreviation, it comes from the German word: Delete comment or cancel. From this, we could see how much emphasis Germany put in people developing. Some Background of Kinematic Envelope KE Although KE is a safety-critical issue for railway operator, no international standard is announced until now.

It also put a big emphize on those random factors like wind speed, manufacturing errors etc. Languages Deutsch Edit links. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

KE Standard Comparison and Intro of BOStrab by Ansen Gao on Prezi

One formula could be used several time in different service target botsrab condition of cars with minor changes. First, no safety buffer zone in considered between KE and equipment gauge. Bodtrab a personal note: The reason why it need so little parameters is because in this standard, a calculation reference car is established and the maximum rolling stock construction gauge is based on the reference car.


Complicated The car gauge calculation in CJJ 96 appears very complicated. They differ by places, vehicles, companies. Do you really want to delete this prezi?

File:BOStrab W14.svg

By using this bosstrab, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The orders are enacted by the Federal Ministry of Transport based on enabling act through the General Railway Law ” Allgemeinen Eisenbahngesetz “, first issued on It is the mainland standard which KE is one little part in it.

This regulation is issued for metro system in mainland as the cars are classified in A,B1 and B2.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In CJJ 96, the KE in not issued in the car gauge chapter, instead, it is specified in the metro equipment gauge part.

CJJ considers not only the non-random factors like scale springer deformation.