If you wanted to know if anatomic therapy or anything like that is true, then ask a few I am really worried about what Healer Baskar is doing to my family. I think. Anatomic Therapy. Healer Baskar Page 2. DEDICATION. I thank God Almighty for motivating me to write this book. I humbly dedicate. Anatomic Therapy is an ancient wisdom of creating conscious awareness on human anatomy. Once a Healer Baskar Acknowledgement iiiAnatomic Therapy.

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When TNM pointed out to the Health Secretary that despite his arrest, Baskar’s Youtube videos continue to be available to people, the Health Secretary said that bwskar was little that could be done to prevent that.

‘Can help you deliver baby like halwa’: Why ‘healer’ Baskar was arrested in TN

You will be shocked to know. Baskar himself is a civil engineer who has studied acupuncture. But, he began to offer natural treatments to people and, by his own admission, made a tidy sum for the cures he offered. More Anatomic Therapy is an ancient wisdom of creating conscious awareness on human anatomy. The baby will automatically be born,” he claims. His videos talk on YouTube talk about self-cleaning of fluid from the lungs, a practice that only trained doctors should do.

‘Can help you deliver baby like halwa’: Why ‘healer’ Baskar was arrested in TN | The News Minute

A physical training programme, however, is taking these unscientific messages to the next level,” said Dr V Rajesh Babu, the Coimbatore secretary of the IMA. The channel didn’t have a problem and he presented his content in a very simple manner. He finds out new methods and teaches the common man, its benefits in the easiest way, in a service motive.

You can even do this in the bathroom. He then founded the Anatomic Therapy thwrapy and gave himself the sobriquet ‘ Healer’. Don’t go to the hospital,” he advised.

Anatomic Therapy – The Art of Self-Healing

The police soon discovered that Baskar, along with co-accused Srinivasan, theeapy running the ‘Anatomic Therapy Foundation’ in Coimbatore and arrived at the centre to arrest him on Thursday evening. He further claims that if the water is white it is a boy child and if it is red, it healsr a girl. Over the years, thousands of people from multiple districts have come to him for treatment. It is so that the child suffers from illnesses all his life,” he proclaims. He further provides a three-step method for natural delivery.


The person who read the book completely or watched Videos on this therapy, had miracle healing. His arrest, along with an accomplice, comes after he advertised a training programme promoting unsafe childbirth practices which ensured ‘normal deliveries’ at home.

The police have filed cases against Baskar and his accomplice Srinivasan under IPC sections Cheating and Punishment for attempting to commit offences. Rherapy may have a second opinion,” the member said.

All pregnancies have to be registered and it is this process of institutional deliveries that have brought Tamil Nadu’s maternal mortality rate down to Baskar began to address public gatherings and upload Youtube videos under his foundation’s banner, propagating a ‘nature-allied lifestyle’.

Such was Baskar’s popularity that he was offered a show on Vendhar TV, a Tamil channel, in late His videos grew in popularity and his messages spread via social media.

If you don’t do anything, the baby will come out by itself,” he further claims in the video. The Coimbatore police meanwhile have approached the Revenue district official to inspect Baskar’s foundation.

His videos garnered a lot of viewership on TV and also did very well on Youtube,” a former member of the channel’s programming team told TNM. He shot over a episodes, touching upon topics ranging from kidney problems, eye diseases, anatoic foods one should consume, and even world politics.

For book related matters, please feel free to write at feedback itabtechnologies. It claimed that this was the best way of giving birth. We need to keep an eye out for such treatments that do not have scientific temper,” said Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Dr Radhakrishnan. The man was running ‘Anatomic Therapy Foundation’ in Coimbatore and ‘treated’ hundreds of patients. State health department issues orders The state health department does not see this arrest as an isolated violation.


Just inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The advertisement also said that the camp will have experts who will give advice to the participants. With this free counselling session, however, he yherapy it too far. We are not looking at this matter in isolation. He even says that snake bites can be cured by the body and people don’t have to go to the hospital.

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For over four years now, he promoted unscientific methods and ‘natural cures’ to treat numerous ailments. They have no medicinal value. But, even they were unprepared for the scale of operations run by Baskar, who they have now ascertained is a ‘quack’. But when given vaccines, the body does not absorb antibodies from the mother’s milk,” he claims. And even though he calls it free, there was a larger plan to swindle money behind it,” the officer said.

Anatomic Therapy is an ancient wisdom of creating conscious awareness on human anatomy. This is because of proper examinations in hospitals. From treating eye problems to world peace “He is a fraud and has been cheating people across the state in the name of naturopathy,” said an investigating official. Once a person understands how body works, how each organ relates or depends each other, he or she will help the body to cure itself by eating right food at a right time in right-way.

According to the police, there are 80 rooms in the centre and it offers ‘natural cure’ for up to five days. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.