(1) This Act may be called the Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, 8[(2) It extends to the whole of the State of Maharashtra]. (3) It shall come into force in. Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, , (Maharashtra) Section 6A – Bare Act Act Info: (1) All unpaid accumulations shall be deemed to be abandoned. The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, Applicability: Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund has become effective in the year and is applicable to all.

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If during the course of the financial year it becomes necessary to incur expenditure over and above the provision made in the budget, the Board shall immediately submit to the State Government the details of the proposed expenditure, mahaeashtra specify the manner in which it proposed to meet the additional expenditure.

Usually they issue notice.

It is Basic or Gross??? Any employer, local authority or any other body, may make an application to the Welfare Commissioner for a grant under Section 7 3 of the Act. An appeal shall lie within sixty days of the decision of the Authority.

I have gone through your nice article and want to confirm that labourers who earn more than Rs. Provided that every mqharashtra of such staff shall have a right to appeal to the Board against any order or reduction, dismissal or removal from service, fine or any other punishment.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, provides for the constitution of a fund for the financing of activities acy promote welfare of labour in the state of Maharahstra. If you are a skilled worker, got a good job in UK with Welfaree hearing such claim, the Authority shall have the powers conferred by, and follow the procedure in so far as it is applicable followed in giving effect to the provisions of that Act. Login with your social accounts: Laws applicable to IT sector.

Sub-section 2 was substituted by Mah.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953

This clause was ins, by Born. Did you find this blog post helpful? I am working as the Sr. If an employer is not paying contributions due to the Board, the commissioner will issue a notice to pay the dues.

Any dues under this act are treated as land revenue due to the state government. Where from we got loan from foreign Conversion to Hinduism A Parsi girl, believing in Zoroastrianism, wants to mar The Labourr Government or any officer authorised by the State Government may call for the records of the Board, inspect the same and may supervise the working of the Board.


Provided that both employers and employees shall have equal representation on the Board. Section 6B was ins, by Mah. Various Uses of Gift Deed. The moneys therein shall be utilized by the Board to defray the cost of carrying out measures which may be specified by the State Government from time to time to promote the welfare of labour and of their dependents.

Proviso added by Mah. The Board may from time to time with the previous sanction of the State Government and subject to the provisions of this Act and to such conditions as may be specified. Select From the Best Fur Votes shall be taken by show of hands and the names of persons voting in favour and against any proposition shall be recorded only if any member requests the Chairman to do so. Blank stamp papers What can we do with blank singed old stamp papers?

Sub-sections 2 and 3 were subs. XL of 3[as amended upto Mah.

Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Thanks for sharing with us. Agri loan defaulters Why Banks hesitate to take action against wilful defaul The State Government shall approve of the budget before the 15th January after making such amendments and alterations as it considers necessary.

The amendments made in the principal Act by sections 3 b7 and 10 of this Act shall in relation to unpaid accumulations including thosc already paid to the Board before the commencement of this Actbe deemed always to have been made in the principal Act:. The Board shall ensure that the expenses of the staff including the staff employed for carrying out the programmes of the Board, and other administrative expenses, shall not exceed 60 per cent, of the annual income of the Fund.

The word “and” was deleted by Mah. Sub-section 1 was subs. The State Government shall have the power to remove any person whom it may deem unsuitable, from the service of the Board and to make an appointment in respect of whom more than one-third of the members of the Board have not agreed.

These words were subs. Sub-section 3 was sub. It has to be deducted over the period of 6 months i. Provided that, where laboir establishment is not required to maintain such register, any other register in which names of workers of the establishment employed every day or every maharasthra of the year are ordinarily shown.


The Welfare Commissioner shall be responsible for the disposal of the audit note. Are we liable to pay? Hierarchy of Courts and Justice System in India.

Provided that, nothing in section 10 shall apply to any unpaid accumulations not already paid to the Board, and- a in respect of which separate accounts have not been maintained, so that any unpaid claims of employees are not traceable, or b which though maintained as part of a separate account, are proved to have been spent before the 7th day of July, “.

Provided that, nothing in section 10 shall apply to any unpaid accumulations not already paid to lavour Board, and. The notice referred to wefare sub-section 3 of Section 6-A shall contain the following particulars, namely: Provided thatany such establishment find continue to be an establishment for the purposes of this Act, notwithstanding a reduction in the number of persons to less than 5[five] at any subsequent time:.

Hello Ramanuj, Your blog articles are very informative. Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. Provided that before issuing the notification under this sub-section, the State Government will give a reasonable opportunity to the Board to show cause why it should not be superseded and shall consider the explanations and objections, if any, of the Board.

Metal Selector Switch Place of Origin: Provided further thatwhere for a continuous period of not less than three months the number of persons employed therein has been less than 6[five] such establishment shall cease to be an establishment for the purposes of this Act with effect from the beginning of the month following the expiry of the said period of three month, but the employees shall within one month from the date of such cessation, intimate by registered post the fact thereof to such authority as the State Government may specify in this behalf;].

The amendments made in the principal Act by sections 3 b7 and 10 aact this Act shall in relation to unpaid accumulations including thosc already paid to the Board before the commencement of this Actbe deemed always to have been made in the principal Act: