All other gear units are delivered by SEW ready for the mounting position with the . The SEW installation/removal kit is available with the indicated part number. SEW EURODRIVE COLOMBIA. SEW EURODRIVE COLOMBIA LTDA. PLANTA PRINCIPAL BOGOTA DC: + · PLANTA CALI: + Gear unit types SEW-EURODRIVE distinguishes between 3 gear unit types: • X.: Bevel-helical gear units with right-angle shaft arrangement AXX • X.

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For high output speeds, the RX57 to RX series of single-stage gear units offers compact, space-saving solutions. Maximum motor power 4-pole [kW]. Do you have any questions about this product? Thanks to the gearing, maximum performance is easily achieved.

This means they meet the European requirements on efficiency levels and nearly all international efficiency levels. The attenuation characteristics are a further bonus resulting from the simplicity of the mechanical design. The U- or Z-shaped power flow and numerous combination possibilities with reduction gear units mean that these speed gearmotors can be supplied in a broad range of designs.

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They can easily be tailored to the most diverse machine structures. The remarkably high efficiency of our helical-bevel gearmotors makes eurodirve energy-savers. As a result of longitudinal application of the force on the input shaft, the torque impulses are dampened.

The speed can even be adjusted when the gearmotor is at standstill. A standard drive that is not only favored because of its performance, but also for its structural properties.

In addition, the low initial and life cycle costs make these drives ideal for simple positioning and conveyor applications. High-endurance gearing enables high-torque, wear-free operation long into the future.

Helical-bevel planetary gear units gearmotors P. Helical and helical-bevel gear unit 0. Helical and euordrive gear units up to kNm P. Speed can be adjusted mechanically, e. Helical-bevel planetary gear units gearmotors P.

System Solutions with Servo Gearmotors

The synchronous and asynchronous servomotors are characterized by reductored, dynamic and torque in a compact design. Helical-bevel planetary gear unitsto 3, lb-in Applications M series 53, to 1, lb-in.

Helical and helical-bevel gear units reductoree to kNm P. As they also have a long maintenance-free service life, they can be used in every application with AC asynchronous motors and synchronous servomotors. Thanks to their die-cast aluminum design, the models R07, R17 and R27 are three particularly efficient lightweights — ideal as satellite drives and for use in light machine constructions.


Helical and helical-bevel gear unit 0.

SEW-Eurodrive: A world leader in drive technology.:

System solutions with servo gearmotors: The variety of sizes allows almost all requirements to be met. Variable-speed gear units are available with DRS.

Typical speed setting ranges are 1: Parallel shaft helical servo gearmotors. The standard gear units of the 7 Series incorporate power and variety. Installation of angular gear units is particularly space-saving.

Helical and helical-bevel gear units 53, tolb-in. And applications where weight is an issue will benefit from our multi-stage gear units: The foot- and flange-mounted versions can also be used to power machines without a reduction gear unit.